Friday, June 1, 2012

My MadPicLab Photos

During the month of May (ugh, I can't believe May is OVER), I participated in a fun little project that consisted of taking photos each day according to the assigned subject, for example: May 7 was lemons. I thought I'd pick my favorite photos that I took during the project and post them here.

"Mad Artist"






"Happy Mouth"








Thursday, May 31, 2012

"Mad Artist GiGi" Day 31 of MadLabPic

Since this was the last day of the MadLabPic month, I wanted to do something that I haven't done before, so I created this .gif for "Mad Artist"! I think I'll be posting some of my favorite MadLabPics I took. It'll be right here on my blog, so keep an eye out.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Rob and Gabrielle's 12th Anniversary, by Gabrielle

The day before our anniversary, Rob told me what his surprise present for me was going to be: he was going to take me to Lake Fannin and we'd go camping. I have to admit, at first, I really didn't know what to think about it. I am a girly-girl and I like my hair, make-up, and a nice hot shower. I am not one that likes to "rough it". I then realized that I was being silly and that Rob really wanted this time alone together; we could have a little adventure, have some nice conversations, be free from the distraction of technology, and do something we haven't done before. What wife would pass up that opportunity?! I am so happy to say, other than our Hawaii trip for our 10th anniversary, this was the best and most memorable anniversary we've ever shared.

January 8th happened to be an overcast day (no sunglasses or sunscreen required). It was a day that wasn't windy or too cold. It was nice enough outside to wear a jacket or coat without being cold or uncomfortable.

When we arrived, we sat by the lake and ate our lunch. Rob then took me walking on the bike trail he and Joe ride on. It was about a two hour walk at a nice brisk pace. After that, it was time to pick out our campsite, so we drove around and found us a quaint little spot that was right by the edge of a hill. It was so peaceful and quiet.

We set up camp, which meant starting our fire in the fire pit and preparing our van for the night. We folded the seats into the floor of our minivan and laid out a twin-size foam mattress to put our sleeping bags on. We got the fire started (firewood was provided) and enjoyed keeping it going. We roasted hot dogs, which were the best I've ever had. We then made s'mores. Around nine o'clock we decided it was time to head to bed.

It was probably around two in the morning when the rain started. Though it woke me up quite a few times, I enjoyed it. There was something so wonderful about being cozied up next to my husband, in our sleeping bags that we zipped together, and being protected by the shelter of our van from the deluge of rain that was falling from the sky. Luckily, it was just hard rain and it didn't get too bad. Shoot, it never even thundered.

We woke up about six thirty and headed over to Claire's to pick up the girls. She had watched them for us, but since it was Monday, she had to go to work which meant we had to get to her house before she had to head out.

I love you, Rob. I look forward to doing this again!