Thursday, September 29, 2011

Family Meeting for Sept 12-18 2011 by Gabrielle

We had an extremely fun and exciting after-meeting-game to play, so we started off getting the girls pumped up about that, though we didn't disclose the exact game itself.

Best and Worst

Best: Artsfest
Worst: homework

Best: Finished putting up all the photos in the lobby of Gymnastics Sport Center. I printed pictures of the team girls and hung the photos up in 8x10 and 4x6 frames. The lobby turned out pretty well, if I say so myself.
Worst: started feeling sick

Best: playing in the "pit" at gymnastics while I was working in the lobby hanging up pictures
Worst: getting sick and having a fever

Best: going to the library and getting books
Worst: Briar being sick

Best: Going to gymnastics THREE times in the week
Worst: hurting her ankle

Best: hanging out with Chanti all day (Artsfest, Panera Bread, shopped for work clothes, looked at vacation homes in Florida)
Worst: pain under rib cage still hurts after three days

Other highlights of the week:
-Rob wrote a tremendous paper for his composition class
-We finally picked which rental house to get in FL for our vacation
-Rob and I went out to get coffee and got to talk amongst ourselves
-Jude thought open gym was fun!
-Rob's Halloween costume is coming together
-Both Rob and I are doing great on our weight and physiques

To end the meeting we talked about a possible Christmas project we might do.

After the meeting ended, we played a game. It was based off of the "fishing" games you see at carnivals. We pretended the kitchen table was a boat and the girls were in the boat. Rob and I were under the table and had toys and candy that we would hook onto the fishing lines via clothes pins. Fun was had by all involved. With the lights turned low, we started our game. Here are some photos:

Rob handing out the "fishing poles". He created each one custom made with the girls' animals on them

Jude's had a frog
Zoë's had a duck

Briar's had a butterfly

Scout's had a lady bug

Rob's and my view from under the table. This was Briar's line
One of the prizes Jude got: a skeleton thingie

Scout got a balloon

Zoë got a rat

Briar with her Jack-O'-Lantern she caught

They even caught a DADDY!


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  2. Oh lordy, that girl, Zoë, right? She's beautifuuuuul woot woot!!! Hotsy totsy!! Oh mama!!! lemme get that number,she fiiine<3